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Algarve Tango Marathon

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Algarve Tango Marathon is not just a classical tango marathon because we are trying to organize for you a tango party where people from different cultures can meet each other in the name of “buena onda” and love for the tango music.
Algarve is the last southern region of Portugal mostly known in all Europe as amazing holiday destination with its beautiful high coast landscape and beautiful beaches. But in this extreme part of the European continent you’ll find also culture, history and a very special natural environment in the inside coast- land called “Ria”, where the rivers meet the sea.









Our Team

I’m Augusto Gemelli but mostly people know me as AG Tango.
My passion for tango music and dance started less than 10 years ago when I decided to try something new in my life. I chose tango and never had a chance to regret about it.

During the years of traveling to dance I met many people who organize events, I began to feel the desire, and maybe even a little need to use my experience as an organizer of events related to catering. I wanted to make parties where I can be delighted with the music I love, where I can see the friends with whom I like to dance and chat with them.

After I had an opportunity to work for many tango events around Europe , I‘ve started to organize tango events in the two countries that are more important for me as Italy and Portugal.
So after Lisbon Tango Marathon I decide to come back to my old dream to organize a tango marathon in the south of Portugal and make know the beautiful region of Algarve and it´s wonderful coast and beaches. Algarve Tango marathon is after Stromboli Tango Party experience my new event proposal for who loves tango but also like to spend some good time with the people that we hug on the dance floor.

My name is Gastón Godoy. I come from Argentina but I live in Seville (Spain) since 20 years. Tango is my passion and also my profession. I’m a tango dancer and teacher together with my partner Laura Atienza (http://www.gneraciontango.com), and I am also a tango dj and tango events organizer, highlighting so far Workshop Milonga Sevilla Tango Festival and Escapada Milonguera Asturias as my major and more mature projects.

As organizer, I focus on offering the maximum quality as possible in aspects as artists selection, infraestructures, sound and light systems, etc.

Algarve Tango Marathon is an idea that’s been on my mind for some time. I met by chance in Faro with Augusto and that day the project started to become a reality.

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