ATM Sunday Special Dinner





Sunday 23rd for the last night at ATM we would like to invite to join us for a very special dinner where you’ll discover the most famous recipes from Algarve cuisine, the “CATAPLANA”.

Just 5 minutes walk from ATM venue we will wait for you after the last tanda of Sunday afternoon for the last dinner all together.

The special “Cataplana menu” includes:

  • a selection of typical Portuguese starters
  • a large choice of Cataplana with fish, meat and vegetable for all taste
  • a delicious dessert collection of regional sweets
  • a river of wine and an outstanding expresso


Location: Hápetite Restaurant

Price: 22€

Booking: or

You should book the dinner in advance before saturday 22nd and you can pay it in cash at reception desk at your arrival.


Looking forward to see you at the Cataplana special dinner 🙂



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