TDj Gastón Godoy


Gaston was born in Argentina but he settled in Spain where he’s living since 20 years
He has more than 10 years experience as Dj and if you are in his city, Seville, on Wednesday,
you can enjoy his music at one of the oldest milonga in that city, El Corazon,
where he’s also the organizer since he was starting to play.
He likes to improvise every time his own dj set the according with energy and the mood of the peo-ple on the dance floor. After many years “musicalizando” he got a very extended knowledge about tango music and orchestra but he is never happy with what he already knows and so he likes to dig out from the past some “tango pearl” for his crowd.
Djing for him is a true passion that he tries to keep a bit separate from his tango business because he is really in love for Tango Music…..and you will see it!